Why construction surveys are blueprints to success

by | December 1, 2023

The devil is in the details, and without the correct details you may find yourself facing some costly consequences. It may not seem like an important first step, but without a construction survey you may find your project over-due and over budget. By hiring a professional land surveyor to conduct a construction survey before you start digging ensures accuracy, safety, efficiency and success.

What is a Construction Survey?

Simply put, a construction survey ensures what’s getting built is built in the right place. As licensed surveyors we interpret the plans provided, then identify the boundary of the property to make sure any new buildings, roads or structures planned fall within the necessary setbacks required by the municipality’s planning department. Above and beyond that, throughout the duration of your construction project, we can also:

  • verify the correct location of formwork before concrete pours
  • check steel alignment and anchor bolts for column installation
  • check for plumbness between floors in high-rise construction
  • confirm slab flatness using 3-D laser scanning

Finally, we can close out your project by providing an as-built Surveyor’s Real Property Report, confirming everything was completed as planned.

So, why hire Rouse Surveyors?

At Rouse Surveyors customer service is our priority and when it comes to meeting the needs of our construction contractors, we feel we are revolutionizing construction survey services. Here are six ways Rouse Surveyors outperform the competition:

  1. Accelerated approvals: By conducting on-site calculations, we provide information quicker and save you valuable time by expediting office approvals
  2. Rapid response team: Need us tomorrow? We’re ready to deploy our field experts at a moment’s notice
  3. Your project, our priority: Our supervisors oversee all elements of the project to ensure everything remains on track and on time
  4. Field expertise: Our highly skilled, professional field staff, with backgrounds in construction and engineering, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every survey
  5. Quality and precision: We ensure quality control and verify every layout is double-checked for accuracy, delivering results the very next morning
  6. Your problems are solved: You can count on us to advise and help mitigate any potential on-site errors, ensuring a smoother construction process, saving you time and money from any costly mistakes

By investing in a construction survey, you’re investing in your project and potentially saving yourself from added costs, time and headaches. Let us take the guess work out of your next project. Your blueprint to success starts here. Request a quote today.

About the Author

Wessam Shaukat

Wessam Shaukat

With an academic background in geomatics, Wessam Shaukat pursued his surveying career during his Internship in Alberta, working in the oil and gas industry on a high-profile project with TransCanada Energy. Wessam joined Rouse Surveyors in October 2018 to pursue his Ontario Land Surveyor licence and manages all construction projects work in business development.

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