Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring Surveys are necessary to determine if anything has shifted or moved over time due to factors such as ground settling or adjacent construction projects. Buildings, bridges and other structures may settle or shift and we can monitor for these changes using precision robotic total stations that measure a series of points over a period of time. Precision deformation monitoring can be manual or automated.

Automated deformation monitoring involves the installation of a programmable, permanent total station set up on-site where measurements can be taken day or night for greater accuracy and real-time results. This application is ideal for railway, construction and heritage projects. Rouse Surveyors can provide installation and consulting services to facilitate your monitoring needs.

Our Projects

25 Liberty Street

Rouse Surveyors have completed a Surveyor’s Real Property Report, topographic survey, 3-D laser scans and reference plans for this project.

Finch West Light Rail Transit

For this project we used the Amberg rail trolley and precise total station technology to deliver rail geometry reports for rail tamping and rail adjustments.

Pioneer Village Station

Between 2013 and 2018 Rouse Surveyors performed all construction services.

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