Rail Surveys

To assure the quality of the railway track during the building phase and routine maintenance, accurate measurements of the railway track is of utmost importance. Accurate and quick track geometry surveys require a cutting-edge technique that can quickly measure the track’s geometric characteristics without affecting rail movement.

By using precise robotic total stations and track geometry measuring trolleys, Rouse Surveyors Inc. offers a unique, state-of-the-art solution. These tools can be configured to perform a variety of surveying tasks, such as precise slab track adjustment, tamping measurements, tracking irregularities and deformation, and track axis determination.

Our Projects

25 Liberty Street

Rouse Surveyors have completed a Surveyor’s Real Property Report, topographic survey, 3-D laser scans and reference plans for this project.

Finch West Light Rail Transit

For this project we used the Amberg rail trolley and precise total station technology to deliver rail geometry reports for rail tamping and rail adjustments.

Pioneer Village Station

Between 2013 and 2018 Rouse Surveyors performed all construction services.

In Search of Rail Surveys?

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