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Tracy Rouse, Principal

Tracy R. Rouse, B.Tech., O.L.S., O.L.I.P.


Tracy’s leadership qualities, entrepreneurial desire and positive outlook lead to her opening Rouse Surveyors Inc. in 2010. She has built her business on the pillars of excellence, dependability and responsiveness. These qualities are reflected in her work and in the people she hires.

Tracy values strong work ethic and exceptional customer service above all. She leads by example providing professional, personal service to all her clients, while offering mentorship opportunities to her staff. Tracy prides herself in cultivating a workplace that embraces integrity, diversity and inclusivity where all are welcome.

When not working you will find Tracy at home with her wife and two dogs, but she also dabbles as a tournament poker player. Her willingness to take risks not only helps her excel in poker but also as a successful entrepreneur.

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