Construction Surveys

When something gets built, surveyors make sure it’s in the right place. As licensed cadastral surveyors we identify the boundary of a property to ensure any new buildings planned fall within the necessary setbacks as required by the municipality’s planning department.

We can also help throughout the duration of a construction project by verifying the correct location of formwork before concrete pours, and steel alignment and anchor bolt checks for column installation. We will check for plumbness between floors in high-rise construction, confirm slab flatness using 3-D laser scanning and provide an as-built Surveyor’s Real Property Report to close the project.

Our Projects

25 Liberty Street

Rouse Surveyors have completed a Surveyor’s Real Property Report, topographic survey, 3-D laser scans and reference plans for this project.

Finch West Light Rail Transit

For this project we used the Amberg rail trolley and precise total station technology to deliver rail geometry reports for rail tamping and rail adjustments.

Pioneer Village Station

Between 2013 and 2018 Rouse Surveyors performed construction layout services.

In Need of Construction Services?

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